Good News

I have spoken with the council and presented them with the case for the inclusion of Downhills Park Road and Mannock Road within the DIY Streets consultation. They agreed that there was a strong case for bringing this stretch of road into the fold of the project. The extension will encompass Downhills Park Road, from west of Belmont Road to Mannock Road, and then Mannock Road to Westbury Avenue exclusively. The inclusion of this stretch is a direct result of the residents who voiced their concerns at the open morning on the 24th July.

After listening to the issues raised – rat running and speeding traffic – and seeing for myself the barrier that these roads cause within the community, it was a fairly straight forward decision. It is important to be clear that while the scope of the project has increased, the budget remains the same size. Therefore, it is essential that throughout the design process we approach the problems with open minds and imagination. Thank you to all those residents who came forward and expressed their concerns – this is what the process is all about. We are here to help facilitate solutions, but it is you who must provide the drive behind the project.

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One Response to Good News

  1. Valerie says:

    Great news!
    Well done to all the residents who came to the Green to talk with Ben and the team.Just goes to show ” people power ” can work!
    Look forward to more………V

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