Home Zone: Linden Road & Waltheof Ave Site Visits

On the morning of Saturday 21st August, from 9.30-11am, I am planning to take a group of residents to two of Haringey’s home zones on Linden Road and Waltheof Avenue. I am hoping to have the engineer from the Borough of Haringey, who was responsible for it’s implementation, present to answer questions (if they are not available I will get an overview of the projects). While the concept of these home zones are slightly different to that of DIY Streets, the motivations behind their introduction, and the impact of their implementation, will be useful to observe.

If you are interested in attending, please send me an email and I will add your name to the list. The visit will help to give a frame of reference when attending future design consultations for the DIY Streets project in the Turnpike Lane Neighbourhood. I intend to meet residents at the corner of Langham Road and Belmont Road at 9.30am.

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2 Responses to Home Zone: Linden Road & Waltheof Ave Site Visits

  1. Veronica Bailey says:

    A good opportunity to walk around the area with other residents and see what is possible and where. Very enjoyable and informative. Look forward to others coming next time!

  2. Jim Caig says:

    Absolutely. Was really good.

    And for anyone wondering whether they should get involved with this – you should! Walking round the whole neighbourhood, and looking at what could be done to improve the environment (in all kinds of imaginative ways!) was really inspiring.

    It will take some work, but if people contribute whatever time and effort they can it might really help turn the neighbourhood into a community.

    So, it would be great to hear other people’s opinions too (and meet people at the design drop-in on the 18th…)

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