Saturday’s Event – Fantastic Progress

Thanks to everyone who came along to our design strategy workshop this past saturday. We achieved a great deal and we now have a good idea of your priorities. Over the next week we will be collating the information gathered, before sending it out to you prior to our next meeting on 23rd October at Christ Church hall (Waldeck Road).

Over the next two weeks I will distribute a newsletter through your door, which will provide an overview of the project (to date), some community information, and future dates for the diary. If there are any residents who would like to put together a paragraph – which captures what the DIY Streets projects means to them – for the newsletter that would be fantastic.

The next event is on Saturday 23rd October, which will run from 10.30-1pm (it may finish earlier) and we will be focusing on the design detail. This is where the project becomes really interesting and it is enormously important that we get widespread feedback from the community. This is your opportunity to put forward your suggestions, with our support, on how to tackle some of the problems that we have previously discussed. We hope to bring in some children’s entertainment so that parents are able to attend and take full advantage of the opportunity.

Finally, thanks to all those residents who took it upon themselves to go door to door with the monitoring surveys. Oh, and a big thank you to Stuart for bringing along the delicious cake. If there is anyone else who would like to contribute baked goods for two weeks time it would be gratefully eaten!

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One Response to Saturday’s Event – Fantastic Progress

  1. Valerie says:

    The meeting on sat was very interesting and motivating. Thanks for the lovely cakes.
    I have spoken to 3 neighbours about the project…..early interest but none of them had seen or noticed any publicity in Mannock road.
    Can future leaflets be bold . less words and have a clear message?

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