A successful morning

This past saturday was a big success and the turnout was absolutely fantastic. The feedback that we have had about the day is hugely encouraging and we are really looking forward to the second design session on saturday 13th November – same place, same time – Christ Church Hall on Waldeck Road from 10.30am. Childcare and refreshments (including muffins which were sadly missing from this past saturday) will be provided. The fact that so many residents chose to give their saturday morning to turn out at the event, clearly shows the strength of community in the neighbourhood. The key is to keep this momentum going over the coming months.

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One Response to A successful morning

  1. jimcaig says:

    Was a great session – really valuable.

    Read something this morning on a blog about a new iPhone app, called Speak Up! Haven’t tried it yet, but to quote:

    “Not only sends your complaint to the right department but you can also add a photo and the GPS location of the problem so they know exactly where to sort out.

    And of course no iPhone app would be complete without a sharing feature to show friends on Facebook and Twitter the photo you submitted of your road covered in litter.”

    Something we could use?

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