See You Saturday!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. This is the final push to gather the information we need in order to draw up initial plans for the neighbourhood. We will have tea, muffins, juice boxes, children’s entertainment, and plenty of opportunity for you to give us your input. See you there – we start at 10.30am!

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One Response to See You Saturday!

  1. Alice Lemaitre says:

    Hi, I had a great time on Saturday morning: I thought the session was productive and well attended. I’ve only moved to the area a week ago so I was really pleased to get a sense of a neighbourhood.

    It’s interesting to be challenged on our usual ways of thinking about how to slow traffic down! I agree that we can change behaviours without necessarily spending a huge amount of money. Helping people break anti-social attitudes (for example speed driving) by designing the space so we all become aware that it can be shared by people with different needs and wants is certainly a step in the right direction.

    Making people smile does work: at the end of Mannock Road going towards Wood Green, on the cycle path, someone has stencilled some scissors alongside the markings for the lane. It’s funny and certainly makes me slow down on my bike because it makes me realise that people who have a good sense of humour live in the area. It’s a small thing but effective because it reminds me there are human beings around, a community, and people who obviously care enough about the street to make me want to ‘see’ it differently.

    If we can do this on the DIY Streets project scale, it’s going to be great and very exciting.

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