The Ted Lecture – Save the Date

On Saturday 29th January – 11am at the Chruch Hall (tbc) – we have asked Ted Dewan, who was the resident behind the DIY Streets project in Oxford, to come and speak to residents about his experiences. Ted is a fantastic speaker – who recently gave a similar talk to a group of city planners and designers in Philidelphia – and he will provide a fascinating (and funny) insight into the highs and lows of a DIY Streets project. You will hopefully come away invigorated and further inspired by what Ted has to say about the Oxford project.

He has kindly taken time out of his weekend to come down and speak to us, so it would be fantastic to have a good turnout for the event. If you could let me know that you are interested via email – I will then ensure we have plenty of refreshments and snacks. Once again, please let as many of your neighbours know about the event as possible – the more the merrier! There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions during, and after, the talk.

For more information on the Oxford DIY Streets project please click here

Resident association site for the Oxford project: here

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2 Responses to The Ted Lecture – Save the Date

  1. Alice Lemaitre says:

    Great news. This is going to be a fun and interesting event. The DiY Oxford seems to have been really successful so we might get some insight on how to do it well too. Thanks for organising this.


  2. Julia says:

    Should be interesting, see you there!

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