Resident Feedback & Design Ideas

Neighbourhood resident Veronica has provided some photos and feedback, which will hopefully get people thinking and contributing further design ideas. Above is a photo (middle) of a local gateway feature and two examples (left and right) of tree protectors/fences. The wire tree protector/fence is cheaper but more susceptible to vandalism. However, the iron fence (right) is robust, but more expensive. Veronica believes that the iron example, which can be seen in Belmont Rec, would be suitable for use in the neighbourhood –

“These gateways and tree protectors could be put on the boundary roads to show the area has a community. People seem to notice this and maybe think twice as to their behavior within these roads.. limiting speeding, rubbish and anti -social behavior.”

What are your thoughts on these, or any other, examples? Have you been out in the neigbourhood – or further afield – and seen examples of good and/or bad design that would be useful to share with your neighbours? If so, submit a description and/or photos and I will post it up on the blog –

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