Resident Feedback & Design Ideas #2

Electric Sub Station Wall - Carlingford Road

Neighbourhood resident Sara has come forward with a suggestion to brighten up the stretch of wall at the end of Carlingford Road (opposite the bus station). She suggested a community-inspired mural or perhaps a planted wall –

“how about a green wall/vertical garden that the electricity company approve of, and perhaps contribute to, which could be used by horticultural students at Capel Manor College in Enfield as a course project”

Sarah suggests the following websites for inspiration:

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6 Responses to Resident Feedback & Design Ideas #2

  1. Veronica Bailey says:

    Green wall great idea

  2. sara brown says:

    i have learned that green walls do need regular gardening, so it would need a team of people prepared to make a longish term commitment. i do think it would be great to get one on the electricity substation wall which has always been a complete eyesore. it would give such a boost to that scruffy old corner onto green lanes. does any one else feel like getting involved in making/maintaining one?

  3. Julia says:

    I don’t know anything about that kind of gardening but would be happy to get involved and give it a try. Again perhaps we can link somehow to existing initiatives like or appeal to local people who are on the various waiting lists for Haringey allotments.

  4. Alice Lemaitre says:

    Hi, happy to get involved. I like the idea of involving Capel Manor because this could be a way of providing incentives for the residents too: a way of learning from people who have access to some knowledge bank and possibly have experience on similar projects.

  5. veronica bailey says:

    What about the small wall on electricity sub-station in Langham Place for a green wall. It is much smaller but maybe easier to look after?

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