This Saturday – Comment on initial designs

Saturday 15th January (11am-1pm): The opportunity to comment on the first set of sketch-up designs which have been drawn up based on your comments and suggestions over the past few months. There will be numerous possible options for each intervention, which you will have the opportunity to comment on and pick elements of accordingly.

It is important to remember that nothing at this stage is set in stone, therefore we want to hear from you to ensure that we are all on the same page. This is a drop in session that will last two hours – however, we suggest you arrive close to eleven and have the time to look closely at the designs and discuss them with each other and Sustrans staff. There will be refreshments and an opportunity to learn more about greenways in your local area.

We are looking forward to seeing you there! The church hall on Waldeck Road (entrance down the left-side of the church at the rear).

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9 Responses to This Saturday – Comment on initial designs

  1. jimcaig says:

    Absolutely! Things are looking really good.

    Now, what about a name for the neighbourhood! Any thoughts?

  2. Julia says:

    Well, if we were in New York we’d come up with something daft like TuLaWeG, but I’m not seriously suggesting that!

  3. sara brown says:

    i was very taken with the idea of a book swapping public bookcase and would strongly support having one close to turnpike lane bus station, with benches. yes, i know alcoholics gather there. they will do anyway. but if there are books it is a civilising and educative influence. sara

  4. veronica bailey says:

    The design meeting was full of lots of interesting options and since 2 hours is a short time to discuss all of them can you post them up on the blog ? or at least a summary of what you showed in bullet points. The speed stats would be good to show. I would like to see more detail on different type of speed restrictions on Langham Road. Thanks!

    • Hi – absolutely, I will be posting pdf’s of the first round of designs up as soon as possible. Jim has suggested one programme and if that doesn’t work I will collate them together using Indesign. I am hoping to have them up this week or early next along with the speed data. I am also in the process of writing up resident feedback – along with some response to the comments – for each intervention which I will have on display at the meeting on Saturday. I will also have some of the A0 designs with me on Saturday. Please remember that these are just the initial set of designs and we will be taking into account comments and feedback before drawing up revised designs.

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