Recent Resident Comments

Since Saturdays event we have had a few comments posted in reference to various articles on the blog. I thought it might be useful to collect them together on a single post for people to look at. If you would like to comment on any of the fantastic ideas just click on “leave a comment” at the bottom of the post.

Alice The BBC picked up the story it seems. Now we just need to make some more noise and make sure Turnpike Lane residents see they have a voice and can be heard. Great work. (16/01/11)

Jim: Absolutely! Things are looking really good. Now, what about a name for the neighbourhood! Any thoughts? (18/01/11)

Julia: Well, if we were in New York we’d come up with something daft like TuLaWeG, but I’m not seriously suggesting that! (18/01/11)

Sara: I was very taken with the idea of a book swapping public bookcase and would strongly support having one close to turnpike lane bus station, with benches. Yes, I know alcoholics gather there. They will do anyway, but if there are books it is a civilising and educative influence. (18/01/11)

Sara: I have learned that green walls do need regular gardening, so it would need a team of people prepared to make a longish term commitment. I do think it would be great to get one on the electricity substation wall which has always been a complete eyesore. It would give such a boost to that scruffy old corner onto green lanes. Does any one else feel like getting involved in making/maintaining one? (18/01/11)

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