Dog Fouling

The issue of dog fouling seems to be a reoccuring theme in our meetings – and you only have to walk around the neighbourhood to see that it is a significant problem. Irresponsible dog owners are making a walk around the neighbourhood a potentially unpleasent experience. As part of the DIY Streets project we are hoping to provide more bins. In the meantime one potential solution – which has worked in two areas of South and West London where I have lived – is highlighting any offending dog excrement in chalk. Circling the mess and then leaving a polite message such as “pick it up”, “in the bin”, or “no, no, no!” has the duel benefit of highlighting it to unsuspecting pedestrians and also placing emphasis on the irresponsible dog owners themselves. This may sound like a long shot, but it really has worked in areas where I have lived – it might at least be worth a go. I will also be putting up some additional “no dog fouling” signs around the neighbourhood that I have printed off the Haringey Council website and laminated. Finally, dog fouling will be included in our anti-fly tipping campaign that we are hoping to launch in February.

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