Big Green Bookshop

Stuart brought the subject of this post to my attention this week. Below is a blog article written by the owners of the Big Green Bookshop (for their brilliant blog click here). Local shops are integral to a functioning and healthy community. This is a fantastic local resource, but it seems many residents are unaware of it’s presence. The shop has had a lot of press lately (click here for an article in the Guardian) so please lend your support.

We absolutely love it here at the Big Green Bookshop. These have been the most rewarding 3 years of our working lives and we really don’t want it to end. The decision to open came about when the Waterstone’s we managed in the shopping centre nearby was suddenly closed with little warning. The public outcry at this decision made our minds up. After a lot of effort, a considerable amount of help from some amazing people, our redundancy money and a large loan from the bank for our stock and the building, we finally opened the Big Green Bookshop on March 8th 2008’

It’s just that we can’t really afford to have another nine months like the nine we just had, and despite all your amazing support we are struggling.

It was always our aim to try and be more than just a shop where you buy books, and since we opened we’ve tried to offer something for everyone:

•Author events including Will Self, Mark Billingham, David Vann, Karen Maitland, Christopher Fowler, Laura Dockrill, Magnus Mills and even Maisy Mouse!

•Musical evenings, film nights and historical walks

•Well over 300 visits so far to the local schools in Haringey, Enfield and Barnet helping them to promote literacy with author visits, talks, storytelling and whatever else we can.

•Monthly knitting groups, quizzes, writers groups and board games days (and we’re about to start a comedy night.)

•Two book groups.

•Weekly storytelling and singing for the under 5’s.

•Supporting local talent by holding book launches, poetry readings and talks by the cream of North London’s literary stars.

•Even a place to leave your shopping if it gets too heavy and to sit down with a free cup of tea or coffee.

The list could go on, but we hope you get the idea.

We sincerely hope that you want The Big Green Bookshop to remain here and value what we do and so we are asking for your help.

Our bank loan now has nine months to go until it’s paid off. This is our biggest single outgoing each month. Once the loan has been paid off we will be in a relatively stable position.

We have some of the greatest customers in the world and we are constantly humbled by the support you show us.

Thanks for reading this message.

Simon, Tim and Mark

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