Safer Neighbourhood Team Community Meeting

This past Saturday, the Safer Neighbourhoods Team (West Green and Bruce Grove) came along to provide residents with an update and address any concerns from within the community. It was a well attended event and the team covered a number of issues ranging from dumping, anti-social behaviour, personal safety, and provided other general updates.

If you wish to contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team about an issue (obviously in an emergency call 999):


Phone: 020 8721 2703

Mobile: 07766 206244

The Council are also available to deal with a number of problems, including dog fouling and dumping. When contacting the council with information it is vital that you are able to give as much information as possible – ie/ car number plates, physical descriptions etc. If you do not wish to be identified then you are able to provide information anonymously.

Council phone number: 020 8885 7700

Or you can use an online form – here

The Safer Neighbourhood Team were eager to emphasise that if you contact them for assistance then they will respond and anti-social behaviour (littering, dumping, dog fouling etc) will be addressed and taken seriously by both the police and council.  However, both the Safer Neighbourhood Team and the council require the support and cooperation of the community to be effective.

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