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As well as positive feedback about the noticeboard, we have received an email from a resident questioning its location and asking for it to be relocated. It is currently located just off Langham Parade – down to the side of the newsagent. Residents asked for the noticeboard to be positioned in the vicinity of Langham Parade. Therefore, we decided that the best location for it would in its current position. There is a considerable congestion of street clutter in, and around, Langham Parade and since some of the pavement is privately owned (and would therefore require permission) we decided the best compromise would be to locate it around the corner – an area highly used by residents.  Please give me your thoughts about the location of the noticeboard since we want to make sure that it is in a position where it can be used by residents – although please take into account the additional cost of moving it. Please leave a comment or email me


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8 Responses to Community Noticeboard Location

  1. James says:

    Has some limb-walking occured? Not sure if a truly reprentative group of residents were consulted on the notice board location. What about the ‘hub’? Has it now moved from Waldeck? Given the limited possibilities – how about the wall by the new Cafeteria? This could provide reciprical benefits to both parties.

    Slightly off-topic – I hear rumours of ‘murals’ and ‘cave paintings’, and that scares me. Please add my email address to any discussions on that area.

    • I disagree with your comment regarding the consultation surrounding the noticeboard – we had a meeting about it and the issue was included in an email. There are numerous issues with putting a community public noticeboard on private land – the area outside the cafe would be owned by the landlord. The murals are simply one idea that has been discussed on various occasions by several residents – you are more than welcome to join the art group and also attend the regular design/consultation meetings (there is one tomorrow – it would be great to have you come along and get involved).

      • How about a compromise – the noticeboard can stay where it is for the duration of the project (next 8-12 months). Once the works go in and construction is completed we can have a community vote and decide on the final location of the notice board – deciding (and agreeing) on a location will be easier to once final plans/designs have been confirmed over the coming months. This will also ensure that the board compliments the final design.

  2. veronica bailey says:

    This (Langham Road / Langham Parade) location for the community notice board is not very attractive location. The notice board says alot about what we value as a community.

    The concrete wall was until a few years ago a old brick wall which looked quite nice. Then the corner shop decided to extend the back of the shop( planning permission must have been granted) and covered this wall with badly laid concrete. People then put their names in the concrete and advertising signs went up. The corner shop has put up a Western Union advert on the wall for extra revenue. How many more adverts will be added? and there is a big sign about clamping and parking aswell. It could end up fighting for space especially if you add a mural. Whose wall is it ? – the shops? It also get lots of dumping too which may be from the flats in Langham Court? An eye-sore of an area at times with a terrible bit of paving.

  3. Stuart says:

    A resident has looked into the corner shop building work which was always considered terrible by residents and it turns out it was refused planning permission and has not been enforced.

    By putting the the community notice board there we are endorcing an illegal structure without consent.

    Address: 213 Langham Road N15 3LH

    “The proposal seeks to retain a roof structure over an extension, with high double garage doors. The end wall is built in blockwork and is poorly finished and not in keeping with the appearance and character of the existing building. Furthermore the bulk and scale of the side/rear extension is emphasised by the use of incompatible materials. For these reasons, the proposal is detrimental to the visual amenity of the locality.”

    The corner shop applied for retrospective planning permission for the shonky extension in 2007 and it was REFUSED:

    Decision notice:

    Reason why:

    Now 3 years later and Haringey Council has not enforced the decision.

    • Ok – the fact that planning permission for the works on the building was refused does change things considerably. I didn’t realise this was the case. If we can get the Council to enforce the decision to at least remove the render and return the wall to the red brick (which you can still see when you look on Streetview on Google Maps) that would be of enormous benefit and would negate the need to spend project money on it (which can then be spent elsewhere). I agree Stuart, having the noticeboard there does go someway in endorsing the structure and its lack of planning permission. Therefore, we need to have a think about other possible locations – Langham Parade was the most popular choice from residents, but other than the present location the area may just be too congested. I have had a good suggestion from a resident of an online poll – lets either chat about it this morning at the “walkabout” or via the blog/email early next week. Thanks.

  4. veronica bailey says:

    Thanks Ben, your response has been appriciated by many residents ..

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