Public Art – Chalkboard

I came across this today and thought it was a brilliant idea – it has been installed on the side of a house in New Orleans and is a brilliant example of a community inspired interactive art piece. I am not necessarily suggesting this for the neighbourhood but I just thought it might be of general interest! For the full article and more images please click here.

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One Response to Public Art – Chalkboard

  1. Julia says:

    I absolutely love this, it’s a fantastic way to steer peoples’ urges to write on walls into something beautiful rather than destructive. I saw something not disimilar in Waterlow Park many years ago – a tree with blank copper tags which you could write on and hang from the branches, it looked pretty, made a lovely sound in the wind and contained lots of very moving messages on the tags.

    I don’t know either if this kind of thing could work for our project, but it would be great to find something that encouraged interaction so that the wider community could be involve even if they don’t want to join us for our meetings.

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