More Design Ideas

More suggestions for art/design ideas from residents:

We know Montpellier in France very well and they have some trompe l’oeil murals dotted around the city. In general I’m not a huge fan of painted murals but I think these are quite effective, especially as they have been cleverly juxtaposed with attractive planting and existing features like walls and arches in some areas:

Example one – here

Example two – here

There’s also a street full of ugly concrete bollards which the various shopkeepers suddenly decided to decorate every few months – these seem to be officially sanctioned and no-one gets into trouble. They’re brash and loud and colourful, and again not necessarily right for us but they are now definitely a talking point and almost a tourist attraction in their own right:

Example one – here

Example two – here

Example three – here

Finally I work down on City Road near Old Street and notice they have a project going on down there where all the cable/telephone junction boxes (not sure of their proper name) have been painted as part of an OEC1 is special’ project:

Example one (which touches on others interest surrounding brightening up the BT/Virgin boxes in the neighbourhood) – here

Example two – here

Example three – here

The gallery on also has some interesting Obefore’
and Oafter’ photos from the area following regeneration.

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