Mural Proposal

A proposal has come through from a resident for an interesting mural, which could be placed in Waldeck Rd to add additional character to the neighbourhood. Please click the link below to view the proposal – let us know what you think!

Mural Proposal

Here are a couple of links –

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5 Responses to Mural Proposal

  1. veronica bailey says:

    Is it possible to put mural proposal(image) up on blog aswell as download PDF. Dispite not liking most murals, this has a sculptural element, a communitity element and historical element, so well- thought out. I really like the idea of Victorian tiles and have 3 decorative ones in my garden shed from an old fireplace.

  2. Jen says:

    I love this idea – very simple but effective way to reflect the area’s history without it being too ‘obvious’.

  3. Paulette Farsides says:

    Yes, I like this too – particularly the abstract and sculptural shape which gets around all the doubts already raised about nothing too figurative, not done by children etc. Using Victorian tiles would be a good historical reference which, with all those mossy greens, etc would also guard against an overly Gaudi-esque look, which – alluring though it is – can look both derivative and a bit incongruous when transplanted elsewhere.

  4. veronica bailey says:

    I have been around the neighbour hood photographing the front house porch tiles that are typical of the Victorian properties in this neighbourhood. These decorative glazed tiles date from about 1870, when tiled dados began to appear in porches, giving visitors landscapes or floral panels to admire as they waited for admittance. Original tiles can be found in architectural salvage yards or on ebay.
    The colours I have been sourcing are more muted rather than bright (agreeing with Paulette’s comment above) browns, greens, creams, burnt orange etc. examples of which I hope will go towards creating an ’tiled dado’ that could be installed (for example) on the ugly breeze block part of exturnal brick wall at east split of Waldeck road.
    With the reference to the area’s Victorian house porches, this new ‘community tiled dado’ reflects ‘chatting on your door step with your neighbours’ aswell as welcoming vistors to our roads, pavements and neighbourhood. This proposal can be discussed at next design meeting but feel free to feedback any thoughts while I put together some visuals. ( Note: I am working with James Straffon on this who originally submitted the mural proposal with the concept of using the Victorian porch tiles)

  5. loizos agathokleous says:

    dear people
    you can by this tiles new from fire place place shops as per originals

    l agathokleous

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