Art in the Neighbourhood

We have had a few residents come forward with questions surrounding use of the ‘advertising board’ which is located on the side of the building (newsagents) at the corner of Langham Parade. One resident emailed in a link to a “Shop Local” concept in Hoxton, which you can view by clicking here.  What do you think of this idea? Much would depend on access, permission, and funding but it would be a fantastic introduction to the neighbourhood. Perhaps local retailers could be persuaded to contribute financially to the ‘shop local’ artwork!

Art in the Open (please click here) is a fantastic resource – please take a look!

The same resident has also contacted a friend with considerable experience working in the public art sphere – they provided the response below. Let us know what you think!

Depends what you’re after really – site location objectives etc all effect it greatly. You need to start with what you want it to do ie add a unique feature, act as a meeting point etc etc

Keep the main objectives up at all times – too many compromises leads you off track

Avoid any knee jerk reactions to do the following – murals mosaics or commemorations, advise avoiding historic links as well – these all lead to big rows
Don’t assume the work needs to be a stand alone piece it could be incorporated into something else – but avoid doing artists benches or railings
It could also be inside a space but looking out and publically visible – which gives you more options

Also avoid getting it made by community or small children (What do residents think about this?)

But get commissioned artist to work with people to perfect designs and win understanding – which also means don’t appoint anyone you don’t think people will like

Sustrans have done some decent stuff so you’re on right line anyway. 

Examples of good stuff that may help your collective thinking is (but don’t compare costs):

Works in the space – new pavilion at regents place british land 

Beautiful – Thomas heatherwick at wellcome next to Euston square station

Subtle and clever – Richard Wilson at LSE Holborn

The Lumen church near brunswicks also worth a look – a clever way to integrate art into a site – and very classy

David batchelor – evergreen at more london tower bridge is simple but effective

Always thought freddies gloves at shoreditch library were a bit special and a good way to deal with ‘history’ if you get stuck with that as a theme – each glove is done in a style which reps a local historic character – but not been there for ages so may have gone now!

Do have a chat with the folk down at Open House Open City they will be keen to help plus they have good examples and tips on their website

Oh and avoid fountains or running water – nightmare
Plus I don’t think we need anymore gormleys 

Good luck!!!
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2 Responses to Art in the Neighbourhood

  1. Liz says:

    “Also avoid getting it made by community or small children” harsh! but on the other hand, I’ve read some harsh criticism on Harringay Online of a children’s mural in Stroud Green.
    We’ve also had some great input from a local artist wanting to design banners for the Harringay bridge and she was very keen on input from the community. Maybe that’s the point, the community commissions the artwork but shouldn’t execute it. The advice does go on to say “get commissioned artist to work with people to perfect designs and win understanding”. After all, its the community that’s got to look at it every day so it does need to be a thing of surprise and beauty.

    • veronica bailey says:

      Exactly… I agree with you. There are other pots of money that can be applied for so that we get someone who is professional and experienced.

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