Design Idea

An idea submitted by a resident:

I’ve been thinking a lot about Langham Passage and the area of the allotments, I am struck by the history of this peculiar space, that once a railway ran through there to Alexandra Palace. This history defined the space and arrangements of the local streets/houses. Now this past is lost and the space lacks meaning.

 I attach some reference images of ideas perhaps for an art/track/type installation for this key connection path. I’m thinking about contacting Bruce Castle for some more information which might inform an art proposal for us to consider. If you want to read more about the missing line check this out:

Also, I’m aware that Waldeck Road could become neglected now that the ‘heart’ has shifted to Langham Parade – which I agree with. I welcome the brilliant raised tables at each end, and the short stay visitor parking (residents never use this)but howabout some trees inbetween? Also, as the StreetCar vehicles located by the tube are permanently booked, how about another StreetCar location here in the middle of the district?

I’ve also been thinking how important the arrival from the tube is, esp if we’re using this space as the ‘heart’ of the community. Howabout some kind of timber screen to mask the ugly corner-shop wall? The screen could be cool random verticals rather like a multi-layered barcode in rough sawn wood – so it can’t be fly postered or graffitied. The screen could gently curve away from the wall inline with the pavement forming a fence or gate infront of the shop’s huge over flowing waste container. I don’t think the materials would cost very much. I’m concerned that the shop and all the mess around this location will spoil any other improvements we introduce. I attach a reference image of David Adjaye’s timber pavilion Scelera as an idea of timber hit/miss verticals.

Anyway it’s just a suggestion…

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One Response to Design Idea

  1. James says:

    The multiple-layered/mixed depth wooden screen idea is genius. I see it providing an ideal solution to the ‘Hub’ entry from the Underground. Not only visually stimulating, but practical, and as mentioned a wrap-around to hide the ugly, poorly-rendered wall. In some respects it will also create a relationship with the wood-panelled wall by the ‘cafeteria’.

    Perhaps the tops of the various verticals could also be cut to a variety of heights – to provide a slightly ‘organic’ structure.

    If we can source reclaimed timbers, even better.

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