Neighbourhood Name Idea

Resident Email: New Area Name Suggestion

After a stroll around the neighbour hood and research on internet. James and myself are suggesting the name ‘Green Gate’ for our area. Could you please put on blog for feedback and comments.

Background research

The triangular Common opposite Ducketts by West Green Road / Green Lanes has the same historical link. It has just been re-instated as ‘Green gate Common’ and the pub opposite on corner of Willow Walk N15 formally known as The Green Gate) has just lost its historical title but the mural above still exists. We are not sure if it is being re-named ? but the mural could feature in our neighbourhood if we go for that name?(new owners just throw things out without thinking, so we need to ask manager before it is too late).

Having done research on area re: railways. We discovered that the railway line running from Wood Green through West Green was called the Palace Gate Line. (see image for blog).So Gates are important to the area as the Turnpike Lane. Palace Gates and the Starting Gate Pub would suggest… aswell as Green spaces : – Green Lanes /Wood Green / West Green.

Anyway the links are here to all the research info Plus the all important Green Gate sign for blog too.

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