Resident Idea: Pavement Text

Could we create a dialogue /wayfinding theme through the neighbourhood using a similar idea?

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3 Responses to Resident Idea: Pavement Text

  1. Jen says:

    I was also talking to someone at this morning’s event about images embedded in the pavement that have some relevance to the neighbourhood. There are some lovely examples of this near Russell Square, on the pavement down the side of the Brunswick Centre – they are small metal pieces based on the ‘tokens’ kept by the Foundling Museum nearby and look fantastic as well as being a point of historical interest. There are some images here:

  2. sara brown says:

    hello everyone,

    i am excited by some of the great ideas emerging and looking forward to the next art and design meeting. i was talking to a man (whose name i do not know) at the last meeting and he had the idea of a sculptural form of a wheel. i went home and the idea seemed a brilliant one….. i thought of the turnpike and a wheel could be suggestive of the wagon wheels that would have rolled past the old turnpike. it is also suggestive of the world, and of travel, and could be a structure that could include some words or poetry evocative of migration.

    i think it would be really good to have a very beautiful sculptural piece to elevate the scrappy area coming into crescent/graham road. A huge (wooden?) wagon wheel could be beautified with inserts to make it sparkle – of either metal or recycled glass.
    the wheel motif could be repeated with variations in the neighbourhood.

    all the best

    sara brown 6 carlingford.

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