Resident Art Proposal

Resident  suggestion
 Doorstep Welcome : “From the doorstep to the street”
Victorian tiled porches featured by the front door many of the houses in Langham Road,  Carlingford and Graham Road N15. Visitors arriving on a doorstep of a house in our area, can observe many decorative Victorian tiles that adorn the porch area either side of the front door. Popular in many 19th Century Victorian houses, these decorative tiles provide a ‘doorstep welcome’ to the visitor, aswell as reflecting a sense of pride in the property.
Can visitors and residents feel a sense of pride if there was a similar welcome using Victorian tiles within the street vernacular? Possible locations could include new entrances (gateways) to area, street name signs, or breakpoints.  Any suggestions welcome.
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3 Responses to Resident Art Proposal

  1. Stuart Bourne says:

    If the tiles are placed on a threshold to welcome visitors into a home, perhaps we could place these patterns on the gateways to the neighborhood?
    Maybe instead of a traditional gateposts we could create simple concrete low level blade walls on either side of the road, perhaps linked by a carpet of bricks, with a panel of patterned vintage tiles flushed into the pavement side of each wall?
    It could be very modern robust object with a delicate colourful traditional feature…

  2. veronica says:

    Nice idea Stuart. The other thought was is there any money towards new street names signs? street names are looked at all the time and tiles could be included in new signs?
    Found a shop that sell sets of victorian tiles in Cambridge

  3. Just running out the door, but wanted to say that I love these ideas! More updates on the art element of the project coming by the end of the week.

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