Art in the Community – Resident Idea

Below is the latest art idea to come from the community:

I am excited by some of the great ideas emerging and looking forward to the next art and design meeting. I was talking to a man (whose name I do not know) at the last meeting and he had the idea of a sculptural form of a wheel. I went home and the idea seemed a brilliant one….. I thought of the turnpike and a wheel could be suggestive of the wagon wheels that would have rolled past the old turnpike. it is also suggestive of the world, and of travel, and could be a structure that could include some words or poetry evocative of migration.

I think it would be really good to have a very beautiful sculptural piece to elevate the scrappy area coming into crescent/graham road. A huge (wooden?) wagon wheel could be beautified with inserts to make it sparkle – of either metal or recycled glass.
the wheel motif could be repeated with variations in the neighbourhood.

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2 Responses to Art in the Community – Resident Idea

  1. Please see comment from a resident who emailed me and asked me to post it on the blog for them:

    Great to have big creative ideas like this but to make a huge sculpture would cost far, far beyond the Sustrans budget Do you think residents should know the budget range before you go away? ie. Under £1500 ? I know your council contact was away at present but art is expensive to make and install so good to know what is possible and this idea sounds like a cost of £30 K +

  2. We will have a minimum ‘art in the community’ budget of £3000.

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