New Breakpoint Design

Sustrans has been holding a series of workshops with local residents about the neighbourhood and reducing traffic speed has come out as the top priority. This proposed feature (illustration shown above) is designed to slow traffic speed.

It comprises the following:

– A central ‘traffic island’ with a tree to ‘break up’ the linearity and ‘forward visibility’ of the street

– The angle of the traffic island will create a subtle ‘chicane’

– An irregular and original looking design will create a controlled level of uncertainty and encourage drivers to slow down

– The colour and pattern of the block paving will visually narrow the road, whilst still allowing for minimum width for emergency vehicles

– The tree in the reservation is most likely to be a cherry.

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One Response to New Breakpoint Design

  1. veronica says:

    This seems a better idea to slow traffic. Can you tell us what type of tree would be best?
    the Haringay tree trust might be good to consult.

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