What is in a name?

Do you want your neighbourhood to have a distinct name or identity? We had some suggestions at a recent community meeting. What do you think? Many residents agree that perhaps looking to the past might help generate some ideas. Please put forward any ideas that you may have.

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7 Responses to What is in a name?

  1. Stuart Bourne says:

    Why invent a name when we can use our local ward ‘West Green’ ?

  2. Good question – the only problem is that West Green also refers to the ward which covers a larger area than just the neighbourhood.

  3. VB says:

    I was thinking that everyone knows where Turnpike Lane is so could we be Turnpike Green? Is that too long? Does it sound/look good when saying where you live.. Langham Road, Turnpike Green, London N15.

  4. Julia says:

    Why is that a problem? I wonder if you could explain a bit more about the logic of needing a new name.

    I’m not at all convinced that we can just come up with something new and expect it to take hold anyway. Some of the suggestions that have been made so far (all of which I hate and would never use, I have to say) are so different to how people currently refer to the area that I don’t see how we could make them ‘stick’ without a major marketing plan that would take all the money for the project and more besides I’m sure.

  5. Hi Julia – the problem with using the name West Green to highlight the neighbourhood is that it could leave the rest of the West Green ward feeling left out – particularly if we spend money on signage etc. Many areas of Haringey are not known by their Ward name but by some other point of reference. At the beginining of the process it was mentioned that we could perhaps – and if appropriate – come up with a name to capture the neighbourhood. You mentioned that none of the names put forward are currently used by local people – how do people currently refer to it? It would be brilliant to have some suggestions that are already in use. There are many examples of places where a name has really helped build a sense of commuity and just because a name is new doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t stick. There seems to be enthusiasm for coming up with a name – however, this is your project and the choice is yours! How do others feel?

    Your neighbours in Haringay have had some interesting discussions on naming their neighbourhood: http://hgyol.in/qY4U16 and http://hgyol.in/p8oqyd

  6. VB says:

    Ben – everyone calls our area ‘Turnpike Lane’ as far as I have known for the last 20 years. I think I would still tell people that is where I live as when I say West Green people do not know where that is. Its all about transport links I guess..

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