Straw Bale Event This Saturday

This Saturday (9th July) at the junction of Stanmore and Waldeck we will be closing the road to traffic and laying out the design for the Wishbone (and a breakpoint example) and testing it using refuse and fire trucks.

The event runs from 11am-1pm.

We will also have:

  • The latest neighbourhood designs (v. close to the submitting final design)
  • Childrens activities
  • Refreshments, including cakes brought along by residents
  • A raffle (prizes include Knog bike lights, mud guards, repair kits, and bike locks)
  • Dr Bike – carrying out bicycle repairs for free
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2 Responses to Straw Bale Event This Saturday

  1. Jane G says:

    Wasn’t aware of the event on 9th July – and in any event away on holiday so came back to hear of plans. I own a house that is actually on the Waldeck / Stanmore gateway – parking spaces will be lost outside the house – and yes, I am a car owner.

    There is a lot of nuisance from non residents who come round the corner from West Green Road to hang out away from the CCTV, quite a little ‘front line’ scene, in fact. I have concerns that the ‘gateway’ design will intensify this problem. I’d be interested to hear how the design can make it less rather than more attractive for drunks and street dealers to hang around. JG.

    • Hi – thanks for posting a comment. Sorry that you were not aware of the event, we have worked extensively over the past year with local residents to find a solution to the traffic issues in the neighbourhood and, as ever, we had tried to make it clear to all residents (using posters, leaflets, emails, noticeboard etc) that we were holding a street closure. At the event we spoke with two other residents who were concerened about the loss of parking spaces on the highway. As a result, we are in the process of adjusting the designs slightly to allow for a compromise and we will be retaining a number of spaces that were previously going to be lost. In addition we are opening up some additional spaces near the new block of flats on Stanmore Rd. We have heard from other residents that there is sometimes an issue with an overspill of individuals from a nearby bar – however, if this is causing a problem then this is a policing issue. The community want to slow traffic down and improve the asthetic of the neighbourhood – there is no evidence to suggest that trees and kerb build outs (along with other aspects of good residential/urban design) encourage anti-social behaviour. If you have any further questions please contact me on 0207-017-2357 – thanks, Ben.

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