20MPH in London Poll

Vote on the poll here (click on X against either Yes or No)

The Evening Standard have put a poll on their website to gauge how Londoners feel 20mph speed limits in residential areas of the city.

There is a wealth of evidence to back up the case for 20mph – just some of it can be found here and here. The London Assembly report on 20mph can be found here. The British Social Attitudes Survey suggested that around three quarters of people support 20mph speed restrictions in residential areas, including 72 per cent of drivers questioned. Additionally, The British Crime Survey reports that speeding traffic is the most commonly mentioned antisocial behaviour (cited by 43% of the population), outranking other problems such as illegal parking, uncontrolled fireworks, drug use or dealing, vandalism or graffiti.

Government research concludes that a pedestrian struck at 20 mph has a 97% chance of survival. At 30 mph the figure is 80%, falling to 50% at 35 mph. Children are the most vulnerable type of pedestrian, and they stand to benefit greatly from lowering the limit to 20 mph. This has been shown to reduce child pedestrian deaths by 70%. Interim evaluation of 20mph city wide speed limit in Portsmouth shows a 13% reduction in accidents, greater than the percentage fall in accident numbers nationally during the same period.

For evidence base from Sustrans and our London-specific call see our London Manifesto

Please show your support by voting – it could be a real boost to the cause in London

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