Saturday’s Straw Bale Street Trial

A few of the residents caught on camera!

A big thank you to all the residents that came along to Saturday’s straw bale street trial! The day was a great success – we got to test the Wishbone (Stanmore/Waldeck Junction) with both cars and the refuse truck, which allowed us to determine that we needed to reduce the size of the build outs a little to allow for some additional room to manouver . The kids loved playing on the straw bales and the chalk drawing on the road! Residents brought along home baked cakes, which were hugely popular. The event gave us the opportunity to have some interesting conversations with a couple of residents who were concerned about parking loss. As a result, we reached a compromise and will be reinstating some spaces and installing some new parking on Stanmore Road – however, these designs do not in any way detract from the orginal designs. More photos will be posted on the blog soon.

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One Response to Saturday’s Straw Bale Street Trial

  1. VB says:

    This was a very successful day bringing out new residents who will be effected by parking spaces being lost. Many thanks to the cake-bakers!

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