Final Consultation Design

Click Image to view detailed plan

Please click here for detailed 2-d designs (please note that the design Stanmore/Carlingford should read Stanmore/Langham). The blockwork on the 2-d design looks quite dark but when you zoom in you can see it more clearly. The actual pattern is yet to be decided.

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3 Responses to Final Consultation Design

  1. Jamie says:

    I don’t agree with the Traffic Calming Feature on Langham Road, these devices cause damage to the alloys of cars and are always in need of repair. I am currently taking Islington Council for a similar feature and they are about to settle my claim. I will be the first to do so with Haringey if such a feature is introduced in my area.

    Not sure how removing parking around Langham Road/ Cresent Road will help reduce congestion, this just means the local mini cab office will end up parking either side of the paving area, as they already park in all the Pay & Display boxes without displaying tickets, which mean motorists who wish to pay for parking have no where to park.
    Why don’t Haringey Council look at solutions to the current problems instead of wasting more money. Get to the route of the problem… just stand on Langham Road for a few hours and you will notice the majority of the drivers who are speeding are going to and from the cab office on Langham Road opposite the Tube Station….simple, but some people think they way to get things sorted is to spend money!

  2. JS & VB says:

    We think this is a positive plan for the neighbourhood. Thanks to Sustrans for talking to residents and listening to feed-back. Traffic calming is not easy to introduce and we have been waiting for 20 years for something to be done. As Langham Road residents we need a traffic calming feature and different options were discussed and weighed up. This final solution seems a good option and I presume that there will be enought room to manouvre without damage to the cars? Our own car hub caps have been damaged by the road kerb when trying to park as close as possible to avoid cars hitting parked vehicles. It may be height kerb that can be looked at when tweeking final details.
    Our only comment is the junction between Carlingford and Langham Cresent – the re-enstatement of residents parking bay may lead to more crashes on that junction or cause traffic to have to reverse back if unable to turn or pass easily.

  3. SB says:

    This has been an 18 month long community process, the final design has been developed by the residents for the neighbourhood with the help of Sustrans and the backing of Haringey Council.

    As a resident of Langham Road I fully welcome the Traffic Calming Features to make it a safer and more peaceful place – and especially when the traffic survey found some drivers travelling at 40+ mph on Langham Road. The TCF has been sympathetically designed to allow deliveries and emergency vehicles to easily pass which means it should be fine for normal passenger vehicles.

    Langham Road / Crescent Road has been seen as the heart of the neighbourhood which will hopefully become a more attractive place with more trees and less parking. Perhaps more people will stop and chat or drink a coffee on the corner.

    The area around the tube station and the taxi rank is outside of this project boundary and, I believe, the responsibility of TfL and subject to a separate design study.

    Overall, this is a great opportunity for our neighbourhood to feel safer, to receive some much needed investment and perhaps to look more attractive.

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