Art in the Community – Last Weeks Event

We had a lively and interesting meeting last wednesday to discuss various ‘Art in the Community’ proposals put forward by residents. All of the submissions were incredibly well thought out and creative. Unfortunately we had to narrow our choices down to a handful of options, which inevitably meant some hard decisions had to be made. We came out of the process with three general themes centred around the concept of a multi-location installation that can help capture and define the neighbourhood – there was a emphasis on tying in with the history of the area.

The three general themes included:


A mural – (single or multiple)

Theme of victorian ‘welcome’ tiles

Over the coming weeks these ideas can be further discussed, ideas submitted, and proposals – based on these themes – will then be posted to the blog and noticeboard for comment.

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One Response to Art in the Community – Last Weeks Event

  1. VB says:

    Following the art meeting, a few ideas have been followed up to see what is possible within the budget regarding Victorian tiles as artistic road signage within the neighbourhood. This factory still makes Victorian letter tiles and was involved with Turnpike Lane Station refurbishment so that is a nice link. They are doing a free sample tile of the letter A. Does anyone want to visit the factory in August? Please let Ben know.

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