What makes us like or loathe a public space?

Unravelling the Urban Lexicon is an interesting project that studies the different factors that impact how we feel about our urban space. It is a fairly lengthy report but very accessible. If you have a moment, take a look and let me know what you think. Click here for a link to the report.

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2 Responses to What makes us like or loathe a public space?

  1. Stuart Bourne says:

    This is a massive document but very interesting and very well structured.
    I think its full of ideas we can apply to our area.

    It was also poignant to read about the urban condition in Tottenham Hale – especially after the recent events (riots and looting).

  2. VB says:

    I liked this- it was informative and easy to read. ‘Tiles’ noted as sign of love – ’empty advertising board’ a sign of neglect… so we need are thinking along similar lines for our neighbourhood. Like the idea of care taken to mend a wooden bench. Twenty years ago I lived in Archway so can relate to those bad examples and would like to avoid that there in Turnpike Lane!

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