Art in the Community – Street Name Proposal

Tiles at Turnpike Lane Station

Final Product


Please see below for the latest Art in the Community proposal submitted by local residents:

Some interesting discussion arose out of the last Art in the Community meeting. Along with a semblance of a consensus on what we actually like/dislike. A core reaction seemed to suggest a multi-location aspect to our ‘art’, as well as respecting the ‘old’ as opposed to the ‘new’. This would suggest creativity which blends in, rather than provokes (which is why I mentioned it being decoration, rather than art).

To that end, I am suggesting we take a few of the streams of thought, and using the mash-up concept, fuse them into one. The elements in question would be the victorian tiles (which seemed to garner positive noises), a new street naming scheme, and the mural.

This I think could be resolved with unique (and bespoke) street name signage for our area. Incorporating an original glazed Victorian tile as a separator, we could ‘build’ these mural-esque items with the addition of new, glazed letter forms (a la Scrabble, if you like). We know of a local (and successful) potter who might be worth approaching (should the scheme be approved). I envisage a stack of glazed letters, in an appropriately ‘vintage’ font. Along with the ‘picture’ tile, we can use these to compose the various street names, set within a solid base framework.

It may be that we retain the existing street names, and locate these new ones at a higher location, to avoid potential vandalism.

In addition, we could apply our chosen font to additional artworks (the Turnpike Stores wall for example), if these projects are realised.

Extra glazed letters could be employed at the gateways to spell out the area name – if we do rename.

See the attached visuals for an idea of how this idea might take shape. Ultimately, we could satisfy a number of criteria – uniqueness for the area, decorative ‘punctuation points’ at each road junction, historical referencing, function as well as form.

Local residents have sourced a tile supplier that worked onthe refurbishment of Turnpike Lane underground station – you can see their work here.

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8 Responses to Art in the Community – Street Name Proposal

  1. Stuart Bourne says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea:
    – very clever tile as welcome threshold concept
    – a great way of creating a neighbourhood identity without the need for a new name or
    Can I have one on my house please?!

  2. jimcaig says:

    We love this too. Lovely resolution of a few different considerations. Also a great way of introducing ‘new’ features to the neighbourhood in a way fitting with the core ‘old’ environment (building stock, etc). Doesnt feel like a pastiche, but definitely works…

    Jim and Gail

  3. VB says: can make ‘letter tiles’ and to link it nicely together they are the company that worked on the refurbishment of Turnpike Lane station a few years ago.

  4. Julia says:

    I like this idea a lot too, much better than a ‘random’ art project that alienates as many people as it pleases. We’ll have to think carefully about the font so that it fits well with all the different types of housing stock in the area but this is definitely something I could get excited about.

  5. This idea gets the thumbs up in this house too

  6. Jen says:

    These tiles are beautiful – great idea!

  7. Vivien Burgoyne says:

    The tiles for the street names are terrific – love the colours and design. Also I think renaming our area is a brilliant idea.

  8. Veronica Bailey says:

    After watching Turnpike Lane featured on TV Location location… What about ‘Turnpike Green’ as our area re-name? The word Turnpike locates us without too much explanation of where we live and Green nicer than Lane.

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