Straw Poll: Tree Guards

We have managed, after considerable hard work, to source a second option for the tree guard – therefore, we will be conducting a straw poll to ascertain which design residents wish to take forward. Each grill will be in black and is substantial enough to be realistically placed in the carriageway. You are able to vote on this online poll or alternatively I will be standing next to the community noticeboard tomorrow (wednesday 31st August) from 5pm-7pm conducting a straw poll.

As mentioned in an earlier blog post we have had to compromise and these metal tree guards will be applied only to trees located in ‘on-road’ locations – ie/ gateways, Langham Parade, breakpoints, all raised table junctions.

Option 1 has the benefit of a very open design and easy maintenance (note: it will be fitted with a similar grill/base as shown in option 2).

Option 2 is similar to the design that has been shown throughout the process and is a little more traditional without looking twee.

Option 1
Option 2

Option 1 - Langham Parade Example (click for larger image)

Option 2 - Langham Parade Example (click on image for larger image)

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One Response to Straw Poll: Tree Guards

  1. Langham Resident says:

    Option 2 looks more elegant and in keeping with the properties in the area. It also will protect the trees from dogs ( aswell as children who may climb on Option 1.)

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