Final-ish Designs

Preparing final 3d plans for a project is tricky. No matter how long you wait there is always an additional change that comes out the woodwork. Therefore, we are going present these as the final 3d design. Obviously from this point there will be additional changes but we will have to deal with those on case by case basis. Already there are several changes to the designs shown here.  

We are currently consulting with residents who have recently come forward regarding the breakpoint on Langham Road – and therefore the similar measure on Mannock Road. We are negotiating a potential alternative.

The feature at Langham Parade will now be a single shared surface between pavement and road.

We featured both styles of tree guard on the designs – however, we will be progressing with option two (more traditional style).

We are planning to hold an event to showcase the designs – this will take place in late September or early October. In the meantime the plans will also be available to view at the community notice board from tomorrow.

For the latest images please click on the link below:

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