Art in the Community – Inspiration

More submissions from residents along the street sign theme:


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One Response to Art in the Community – Inspiration

  1. Hi, at last the brilliant idea is put into motion…I am almost 20 years resident of 156 Langham Road, Flat B, Turnpike Lane N15 3 LX…As a power wheelchair/scooter user for past 8-9years due to my SMA type III i have to cross into short Welbeck Road that leads to Carlingford road with further roads down towards Green Lanes with riding on all these streets in directions that coming cars going towards me as pavements are too high to come down as smooth down pavement’s paths on Langham Road and other streets are either only on long streets ends or non existent…So to introduce the bright idea and follow up work as its currently on going is huge breath of fresh air in this birocratic/material/political climate in past few years…Please also warn local council’s/housing associations as Sanctuary Housing to start doing their professional duties promptly, swiftly and avoid long unnecessary costs of tax payers…Once more i compliment current work

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