Construction at Carlingford/Waldeck Continues…

A photo update:

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3 Responses to Construction at Carlingford/Waldeck Continues…

  1. JS says:

    Having travelled around this part of the scheme every day since work began, there are a couple of recent observations:

    1) The ‘pattern’ seems to have been abandoned by the workers. I note today (6 October) that the entire central area is pale grey brick only, with the darker ‘dashes’ only evident on the immediate section to the existing road. This does not match the designs we were shown. Odd.

    2) A more puzzling aspect is the apparent absence of any recess for the two trees (and their associated grills) to be included in this table. Upon consultation, we discovered from the workers, that the company who are putting in the trees will be taking up the newly-placed bricks etc to add the trees/grills at at later point. This strikes me as a very unresourceful, as well as uneconomic, way of working. Surely Volker Highways could liase with this other company and synchronise their efforts. The extra ‘man’ hours to dig up a pre-laid surface seems illogical. Not exactly an ‘eco build’ approach.

  2. JS says:

    ADDENDUM – apparently the workers will be going back over the installed bricks, and picking out the pattern components – to replace with dark ones. curiouser and curiouser.

  3. As mentioned above the block work is being laid out in the grey and the dark blocks will then be added to ensure a complete pattern – the guys from Volker felt this would be the quickest way of working – we spent the first morning working through the pattern with them and it makes sense. In terms of the trees, i was going to post a blog about this – we want to be able to order the trees all at the same time. There is no location where we can store them during the building process. We have been told it is also sensible to wait until later in the year to plant the trees to better ensure their survival. We want to be able to take delivery of the tree grills and guards at the same time – again we have no where to store them as works continue. Therefore it has been decided to wait until structural works have been completed before installing the trees all at the same time. In order to ensure structural integrity of the block work tables it is necessary to lay the foundation and blocks before removing a certain (and reusing them elsewhere) section later to the plant the trees. Since these trees are in the carriageway it would not be possible to simply leave a hole in the ground or earthworks.

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