Construction Continues: Carlingford & Stanmore

Photo and Layout by Pete Rogers

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4 Responses to Construction Continues: Carlingford & Stanmore

  1. Alex says:

    Sadly I am yet to be convinced that the tables will prove to be any deterrent, the one that is completed does not appear to be high enough, and when it was still open to traffic earlier in the week, the traffic was speeding across and due to the lack of road markings was more dangerous than before.
    Would have been more effective to have put hayes, one way system or sleeping policemen through the area; probably would have been cheaper as well, what with the interminable consultation process!
    Alex- Stanmore Road

    • Thanks for the comment. The completed table on Carlingford Road is only one installation of ninteen throughout the neighbourhood, which will work together to reduce traffic speed. I’d suggest it would be best to judge the scheme once it is completed in February.

  2. BAILEY says:

    Sustrans – I like how the table looks but expressed my concern about pedestrians/dogs/children being hit because cars are using the pavement aswell to drive on. I spoke to Project engineer John McQueen at council on Thursday as you were in Bristol but had a very unsatifactory and uncaring answer. I was quite shocked and this has made me feel unhappy about the recent feeling regarding this scheme. What happens if there is an accident between now and February on these tables? Does the council realise that as residents we are all very concerned and some of us scared to walk around our neighbourhood near those tables. It would help if this ‘trial period’ was explained to residents in advance rather than it making us all anxious. Finally I understand now why Sustrans are involved because their is no excuse for rudeness to residents expressing a view or concern, even if we are all under pressure. Thankfully, Ben you and the team have always been polite. I will forward this comment to Joan Hanox for for residents feedback on this scheme and I look forward to you reasurring our area that the tables are not dangerous at present. Many of us expected the trees in at same time but I understand from you we have to wait for them all to be done at same time.

    • Thanks for your comment and observations. We will be monitoring the raised table junction over the next month to ascertain how traffic is behaving. There is no cause for alarm – these tables are in use throughout London. It is true that the trees will all be installed all at the same time – currently scheduled for February – for a variety of practical and logistical reason. The trees, once they are installed, will have some impact in removing the opportunity for vehciles to cut corners. I should say that it has been shown in other installations that drivers behave in a very different way when pedestrians are present ie/ they won’t cut the corner if there is a person standing in the vicinity. However, as I said we will be closely monitoring this situation before determining an appropriate course of action. The safety of pedestrians is of paramount importance.

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