Local Betting Shop Update

It would seem the rumour that a betting shop was due to move into the space vacated by Burger King, opposite Turnpike Lane Tube, has gone away since Costa Coffee moved in. The London Mayor released statement today highlighting the need for further regulation. See the article here.

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6 Responses to Local Betting Shop Update

  1. BAILEY says:

    Not what I heard I’m afraid, it is being fitted out as a BetFred! see link below
    I wrote to David Lammy in April – got no reply..maybe I should have written to the mayor?

  2. That is frustrating. The Harringay Online post makes that 19 betting shops from Green Lanes Station to Wood Green Tube. I have sent a message to David Lammy asking for more information and ensure he is aware.

  3. doc says:

    I can confirm that the space is currently assigned to BetFred and i made the video on Harringay Online 🙂 … walked along Green Lanes myself, counting and taking pictures as i went … and 19 it is.


  4. VB says:

    I wrote to David Lammy oppositing this betting shop in Spring and I still have not had a reply.. I guess the email was not to be relied upon.I’ve been told that the council do not like empty shops in High street and with the high rents look who can afford them ? Want to bet…

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