Trees on Graham Road

Following up the tree placement survey that had been carried out on Graham Road, Haringey Council’s Arboricultural and Allotments Team have winter funding available for trees on Graham Road. Residents should have recieved a Council consultation document this past weekend – this is fantastic news for all the residents who have spoken of their desire for street treets on Graham Road.

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4 Responses to Trees on Graham Road

  1. Jamie says:

    Do you know who we need to speak to about having the sign ‘no balls games allowed’ reinstated? This went missing a couple of years ago and no one in Haringey Council knows who would be responsible for putting this back.

  2. Veronica says:

    Any trees for Langham Road near the top from bend ?

  3. VB says:

    There is a new problem on Graham Road /House of Beauty with a gang of intimidating teenagers … it has been reported but many residents who have spoken to me are VERY concerned.

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