Work Continues…

Work continues on Carlingford Road and at the junction of Carlingford and Stanmore Road. We had a burst water pipe at Carlingford and Stanmore, apologies to those households effected by having their water shut off for the afternoon. Construction is moving ahead well and I will post an update confirming the next location for work in due course.  Thanks for all your patience during this construction phase – Haringey Council are doing everything they can to minimise disruption for local residents. If you have any questions please get in touch with me –

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3 Responses to Work Continues…

  1. nick says:

    I got a message from Joan Hancox concerning the langham place closure. From 7am to 11am 112 cars used this exit. Over the whole day this will be alot more cars. if the road is closed these extra cars will have to use the end half of langham road via langham parade. This will mean more cars using the dreaded bend. Also I think diverting the cars through langham parade is a bad idea as this is a dangerous crossing for pedestrians. I therefore ask all residents to object to this closure now before they close it by writing to Joan Hancox.

    • Unfortunately there was an error on the response that was sent to you. The survey of traffic using Langham Place was carried out between the hours of 7am to 11pm – with 112 cars passing through during that period. Therefore 112 cars during a 16 hour time period – approximately 7 cars per hour. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.

  2. nick says:

    Even if it is an error 7 cars an hour extra down an already dangerous part of the street is one too many. You must also consider that on some days this will be higher and vice versa. The reason given to close the exit ie to avoid fly tipping and make it safer for pedestrians will make it worse not better. In fact since cars will not use this part there will be more fly tipping more quiet spots for the drug dealers who already use this part. Joan Hancox states that a survey will be done with residents after the project ends to get feedback. Why not survey the residents now on what they feel about this project?

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