Art in the Community

Unfortunately our Making the Difference grant for the Art in the Community project was not approved. Apparently they were inundated with applications. However, we do still have a smaller pot of money that has been ring-fenced for the Art in the Community project. Therefore, we need to give some thought as to how we want to spend this money. If residents wished to stick with the latest proposal (see below) the budget would most likely allow for a single sign per road (perhaps at a mid point) as opposed to the original proposal of a sign at either end of each street. Therefore, we will hold an Art in the Community meeting at the Church Hall on Waldeck Road from 7pm on Tuesday 13th December to discuss and make a decision on how to proceed. 

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2 Responses to Art in the Community

  1. The sign is absolutely stunning. It goes incredibly well the the original architecture of the area. Elegant.

  2. They are great aren’t they! Completely developed by residents.

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