Progress at Stanmore and Waldeck Roads

Work continues at the junction of Waldeck and Stanmore Roads (‘The Wishbone’). The kerbs have all gone in and you can get a real sense of the new layout. The process of laying the large amount of blockwork has started and the site is around 30% complete. We are hoping that it will be completed within the next 2-3 weeks. Once again immediate neighbours patience is very much appreciated. Just a quick reminder that the six cherry trees due to be planted will be going in – along with the trees throughout the project – at some point in February.

Any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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3 Responses to Progress at Stanmore and Waldeck Roads

  1. Julia says:

    Looking fantastic! I had a walk by a few days ago before they started infilling with the block work but this is looking really brilliant!

  2. Jess says:

    Just seen someone drive off West Green Rd down Waldeck, completely clipping the corner of one of the semi-circular pavements – actually going over the curb by about 2 feet. Didn’t look completely accidental and the driver certainly didn’t seem perturbed by it. Very dangerous habit considering they are pedestrian crossings – maybe it’s the large space cut out for step free access?

    • We are aware of this situation. We are making some changes today, which include narrowing the drop kerbs and creating a small lip to further delineate the road/pavement disctinction. We are also placing some temporary barriers and signage that will warn drivers of the changes – these will then be removed over the next week or two. In the second week of January we will be installing the trees and making lighting improvements which will both help. Thanks for raising the issue.

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