Stanmore and Waldeck – Post construction

The junction of Waldeck and Stanmore is now almost complete. However, after monitoring the junction over the past couple of days we have decided to make some small changes. These won’t cause too much inconvenience and include narrowing the drop kerbs and creating a small lip to further delineate the road/pavement disctinction. We feel that these small changes will make the junction – which already appears to be working well – even safer. We are also placing some temporary barriers and signage that will warn drivers of the changes to the junction – these will then be removed once the trees are installed and the lighting is improved, which will take place in the second week of January.

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One Response to Stanmore and Waldeck – Post construction

  1. cupcakes says:

    I’m sorry to say that the thousands of pounds that the council used in raising the Roads in carlingford road and Langham Rd have been a waste of money. PEOPLE continue to speed along the road. The reason being is that these raised roads are not raised enough,compared to Woodlands park round and Downhills, this is nothing.

    The Huge Lorry that comes down Carlingford Road every Tuesday evening continues to do so with such speed and shakes all the houses. The only effective raised road is Stanmore and waldeck .

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