Tree Knocked

Unfortunately a tree and guard got hit at some point last night. The tree and guard will be repaired as soon as possible and temporary cones/barriers put into place for a period of time. We have discussed providing the tree with further protection, which we will look at in greater detail today. The tree guards are also going to be reflectorised. It is an unfortunate incident, but this project is about challenging the norm and coming up with innovative solutions to difficult issues. We will learn from this and put into place an effective solution. Thanks for your patience.

Update:  The contractor has been asked to place temporary cones and barriers at each tree location for a short period of time. The tree and guard in question will be assessed for damage and repaired/replaced. We are looking at options for reflectorising the guards this week and considering further measures if necessary. Updates to follow.

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4 Responses to Tree Knocked

  1. JS says:

    It looks like Norm is quite a bad driver though.

  2. Jess says:

    I’d imagine if you’re driving with both eyes on the road you’d see an obstacle in it regardless of its colour. I don’t think this undermines the solution the team have come up with, merely highlights some of the ridiculous driving that goes on in this area.

  3. JS says:

    Update – had a closer look, and the angle of impact seems at odds with someone who might be travelling through this junction. It looks like the driver was moving out from the kerb. It doesnt seem commensurate with someone wishing to turn left either. Were they perhaps parked?

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