Dispersal Zone & Anti Social Behaviour

As mentioned in the last Safer Neighbourhoods Meeting, the police have imposed a dispersal order in the neighbourhood to help deal with various incidents of anti social behaviour over the past few months. The zone includes Langham Road, part of Carlingford Rd, Crescent Road, Graham Road, Langham Place, part of Downhills Park Rd, and Ivatt Way. The order allows police to move on groups of two or more people for 24 hours – if this order is breached, individuals can be arrested and face a fine. At the Safer Neighbourhoods Meeting, Sgt Tisi mentioned that a similar order proved very successful in deterring anti-social behaviour in the area around Milton Road. In the meantime, please continue to report incidents of anti social behaviour to the Safer Neighbourhoods Team or Haringey Council:

Haringey’s Anti-Social Behaviour Line

Anyone living, working, studying or visiting the borough can make a report on our dedicated line:

Tel 020 8489 1000
Opening hours Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

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5 Responses to Dispersal Zone & Anti Social Behaviour

  1. This should help to solve some of the problems in this area. However, I notice that Langham Close is not listed – should this have been part of the order?

    • Good question – as far as I am aware it goes as far up Langham Rd to include the entrance to Langham Close.

      • Mike Tisi, the SNT leader for the ward is well aware of the problems with this property.
        He has been in contact with Jo Poole. I have copied the emails below:-
        On 3 Feb 2012, at 17:01, wrote:

        > Please see the email below that I forwarded to Councillor Mallet earlier today. Jo has already arranged to meet a surveyor from the land agents next Friday 10th February.
        > Ben/Councillor,
        > I arranged for Jo Poole, who is a crime prevention design adviser to conduct an assessment of the Langham Close area and she has just sent the e-mail shown below to the company that owns the block Twinsectra and their contact details are 0208 203 2288. The landlord details I believe are Clockwork Estate Agents, Stamford Hill N16 6RA clockwork@europeak.co.uk 0208 442 8899.
        > Dear Mr Reed
        > My name is Jo Poole I am a gang prevention design advisor working for Operation Connect. Operation Connect is a specialist operation designed to help reduce and prevent incidents of gang violence; this includes serious youth violence, robberies, knife/weapon enabled crime as well as incidents of antisocial behaviour. Part of my role with Operation Connect is to provide problem solving crime prevention advice around gang violence and looking at ways to reduce the risk of this occurring in and around housing estates, I have over 12 years of experience in this field.
        > I am writing to you today in regards to one of your properties, called Langham Close. This has been highlighted as being at risk from the type of crime referred to above. I recently visited this estate to find that gangs are accessing the grounds and the three buildings and using these areas to buy and take drugs. Parts of the buildings are in disrepair, the lighting in the hallways not working, communal cupboards unlocked, corridor windows broken, the perimeter bushes are so over grown they are obstructing the public pavement outside, to add to this the general public are using the grounds as an open toilet.
        > Police have on many occasions been called to the building and have chased criminals through the grounds.
        > Would it be possible to speak with you regarding these issues and work together to reduce the problem.
        > I look forward to hearing from you soon.
        > Regards
        > Jo Poole
        > Jo Poole
        > Gang Violence Prevention and Reduction Design Advisor
        > CPO/CPDA/AdCertED&CP, LCGI
        > Operation Connect, Prevention and Partnership
        > Mobile No:- 07769886167
        > E-mail: Josephine.Poole@met.police.uk

        Whilst the Close in itself may well not be included in the Exclusion Order there’s not much point is leaving the space out of the action.

  2. nick says:

    I am all for this as many especially older residents are scared to walk down Langham road towards the station and shops due to this sudden mass collection of youths. However this congregation has increased especially outside the barber shops where chairs were placed and groups of youths sit outside eating and drinking. I think the council should make these barber shops responsible and get them to move the groups along or if they are waiting to have a hair cut to wait inside the shop rather than outside.

  3. JS says:

    Slightly off topic, but there seems to be a growing facility to hang out and ‘socialise’ along this stretch. The new frontage to FAT SAMS is an illegal construction – this too having chairs placed out on the pavement. I believe there is a scheme in hand to develop this whole section. It cant come too soon!

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