Art in the Community: New Draft


 Attached is a reworking of the recent ‘decorative nameplate’ concept. It should prove to be more cost-effective, plus easier to install.

The yellow border becomes two bracketing tiles at either end. With a single encaustic ‘spacer’ tile between the two sets of characters. These can have a design appropriate to whichever solution we agree on – dark or light.
Personally, in removing the encapsulating yellow frame, the darker tile option now looks more appealing.
The securing frame should be powder-coated black.
Overall, this solution will be cheaper, easier to install, and weigh less too.*
*Submitted by resident
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2 Responses to Art in the Community: New Draft

  1. Stuart says:

    This is looking simpler and bolder (good).
    I prefer the top one because of the coloured tile in the middle looks better.
    Great idea, thank you.

  2. Mid Langham says:

    Hi, I prefer this re-vamped design. I can’t decide which colour way is better. The black tile with white lettering now looks very smart! The white tiles are also lovely, a more homely design although it looks a bit chintzy in comparison.

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