Planters & Bollards

We have observed traffic movements at the junction of Stanmore and Waldeck – the junction is working well, but we (and other residents) have noticed that ocassionally cars do cut the corner in two locations. Therefore, after considering a number of options, we have tracked the junction and decided to install two round planters placed at strategic points on the pavement/build-out. The planters will be robust and more visible to drivers than a bollard. We have had interest from residents – living in the immediate vicinity – in planting and tending to bulbs/plants at the base of the new trees. However, we will be using a permeable/porous resin bound surfacing material around the tree – therefore, these planters offer the opportunity for people to get involved in planting. A couple of residents have mentioned that lavender would be a good option – drought resistant, low maintenance, fragrant, attractive etc. The planters will be going in towards the end of the week. We will be speaking to those residents keen to get involved – so please get in contact. We will provide soil and plants.

Example Planter

We are also looking for resident feedback regarding two or three other junctions in the neighbourhood. It has been observed that at Stanmore/Carlingford, Langham/Waldeck, and Carlingford/Waldeck drivers are, on occasion, cutting the corner due to the single surface between pavement and road. To remedy this problem we have discussed the installation of either a metal bollard or a small (but substantial) square concrete planter. We have had some enthusiasm for the idea of planters in some locations, but I will be carrying out some door knocking in each vicinity to establish the level of enthusiasm and commitment to assist in the maintenance. If residents are keen to lend a hand, the planters could look fantastic (with something along the lines of lavender) as well as prove to be an effective deterrent to cutting the corner! However, should there be a lack of commitment in each location we will look to install bollards. I will update you shortly.

Example Planter

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