Langham Parade

Just to let everyone know that work starts on Langham Parade this coming monday. The road itself will be closed and diversions will be in place. Please take care when walking and cycling down Graham Road/Langham Place since there may be a slight increase in traffic using this route during construction. Construction may take up to four weeks but pavements will remain open to pedestrians allowing for full shop access.

Resident and business patience during this time is much appreciated and the benefit to the whole area once the works are complete will far outweigh the inconvenience for construction. Should you have any questions please do hesitate to contact either me ( or 0207-017-2357) or John McQueen at Haringey Council (

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2 Responses to Langham Parade

  1. JS says:

    As the work begins on Langham Parade, I hope the finishing is better than Langham Road.

    Overall, everything is looking great. However, the table on Langham Road (Tube end) has a couple of issues which should be looked at:

    Primarily, the pavement either side of the table has a VERY ugly effect where a chequerboard of odd ‘circular’ scars has arisen

    The original pavement at this location was fine. And was composed of good paving stock. This new array is cheaper, and due to this strange surface scarring visually a disaster. Please can we have a consistent stretch of uniform paving. This is one area where Sustrans/Volker have left the street worse than they found it.

    Lastly, the bricks used on this tab seem to be blending ie the dark bricks are washed-out and create very little contrast with the light ones. Can this whole area be looked at.

    Many thanks.

    On a positive note – the kerbs around the trees are a triumph. Particularrly where common sense has prevailed, and the road camber has been taken into account – thereby no ‘leaning trees of Pisa’ effect. Bravo.

  2. BAILEY says:

    What a huge mess of rubbish on the corner of Langham Parade! The overflowing bins and rubbish collecting outside the shop on the Parade is now just disgraceful. The road work project may mean this rubbish is not collected ? and it is an awful site now gathering more rubbish on a blind bend where someone could colide with this unattractive mess. The overflowing Veolia bin belonging to the shop takes up half the pavement and the street bin is behind the barrier full to the brim, emptying onto the street. Can something be done so this does not happen in the future as the owner seems uninterested in clearing up and re-organising the space. The bins are not being emptied at present which may not be his fault but… it has been reported to Haringey and please ‘that corner needs a make-over’.

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