Langham Parade

Image by Pete Rogers

Work continues at Langham Parade with the pavements being laid, the drainage improved, and the recycled cobbles getting reset to delineate between the road and pavement. Work will stop over the Easter week – with the road being reopened to traffic – after which the road will be reclosed and work continued through to completion. Its already possible to get a sense of what the area will be like once its finished. Patience from residents and businesses is much appreciated.

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2 Responses to Langham Parade

  1. nick says:

    Since the beggining of the closure of the road by langham Parade I have been monitoring the now two way traffic by the tube station which the minicabs are now using at different times of the day and have noticed that there is little differnce in the traffic congestion by the lights. Since this is the case why can the road not be permenately left this way? I belive as do many that the main problems in langham road are the mini cab drivers and this closure proves that there isnt any serious effects to the other exit . Maybe this is a thought that should be looked into.

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