Cobble Ramps

The salvaged cobbles are getting beautifully reset into the ramps of the raised table at Langham Parade. It is a labour intensive process but its great that the cobbles – which so many residents love – can remain in place and be protected for the future.

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4 Responses to Cobble Ramps

  1. JS says:

    This ‘Hub’ area is coming along nicely. I wondered if the generic concrete bollards outside the Cafeteria could be replaced with the more refined steel ones (used on the Carlingford junction nearby).

    I think this would be much more aesthetically appealing. And not make this spot look so fortified.

  2. JS says:

    Fantastic. That would make a really nice feature.

  3. Stuart says:

    These recycled cobbles really make this area – well done!

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